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French percussionist Mino Cinelu led his World Jazz Ensemble, also picking up an electric guitar in the process.


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  • Music is more than just Notes –An Interview with Mino Cinélu
  • ” …By the end of a show, Cinélu has not only challenged himself; he’s also told at least a dozen stories by the mere touch of his hands…” –Christian John Wikane: PopMatters
  • “A magic of percussion, always there with a big smile” Kate Bush
  • “The distinguished Mino” –ELLE Magazine
  • “The heavenly sparkles of Mino Cinelu’s Jazz” –Midi Libre 
  • “Mino Cinelu, the genius Jack of all trades” –Le Parisien
  • “He can surprise us, even with a simple triangle. On percussions, his speed, his dexterity, his impact are staggering.
  • He is truly a virtuoso…Airy, his voice takes us far away, very far away” –L’Humanité
  • “His fame granted him the status of “man of all talents” –Le Republicain Lorrain
  • “The best percussionist in the world” Canal+ –Nulle Part Ailleurs
  • “With Mino Cinelu, any music swings.” – Miles Davis
  • “Mino can make anybody dance.” – Sting
  • “…in many ways, he may be the best percussionist we’ve had so far.” Joe Zawinul (Weather Report)
  • “…with Cinelu nimbly providing percussion, mandolin, banjo, guitar, and vocals.” Washington Post
  • “…Cinelu’s whirling beats and a butt-kickin’ bass line…Nice guitar touches by Cinelu…”Moon Dance” is a percussion showcase for Cinelu, an aural delight of metal, wood, and skin meeting flesh and (a little) electricity.” Downbeat
  • “…an abundance of well-crafted tunes that just keep getting better with every play.” – Jazz Review
  • “…a model of restrained excellence.” Sounding Off
  • “…Cinelu, though, is a man of many talents : not content with mastering a formidable array of both familiar and unpronounceable percussion instruments, here he sings, plays guitar and adds some meltifluous flute passage. Versatile is an understatement ! This debut is a rewarding enterprise – Sure, percussion dominates but Cinelu’s music is full of varying textures, colors, atmosphere and sounds. He also contributes some “proper” songs…” Blues and Soul
  • “…Cinelu’s soundscape encompasses the world’s music, filtered through the sophistication of New York. (…) World music at its very best.” Jazz Express
  • “…Cinelu’s light, breathy voice propels the French lyrics over an imaginatively layered backdrop of relaxed funk.” Guardian
  • “…Mino Cinelu creates a rich palette of sounds.” Vancouver Sun
  • “…Cinelu’s accomplished much here. The wafting chants drift into dance cadences and into sweet prayers and into sexy pop. It’s got to do with texture, but its strength is based on tune.” Down Beat
  • “…His latest release, World Trio ranks among the best trio recordings of the year.” Jazztime
  • “…It’s the soulful, delicately detailed world fusion that makes Mino Cinelu’s debut such a quiet joy.” Pulse!
  • “…His masterful technique is used to emphasize the melody, mood and atmosphere of each song.” Drum!
  • “The best percussionnist in the World.” Canal+, Nulle part Ailleurs