The man behind the hands


Legend is an understatement. Sit with master-of-all-trades Mino Cinélu in any café and more likely than not, a record will come on that he’s played on. Sting, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Marcus Miller, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Pat Metheny, Taylor Dane, Branford Marsalis, and Cassandra Wilson are just a tiny selection of the international pop and jazz stars that Mino has worked with since the 80’s.

Whether playing percussion, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, or singing, Mino brings his signature infectious personality full of warmth and joie de vivre, coupled with decades of intense study in a wide variety of styles from around the world — from the streets of Paris to the Mississippi delta to the Caribbean island of Martinique. He’s equally comfortable being the consummate accompanist as being the center of attention, and can command an extensive ensemble as well as performing his own breathtaking one-man-band show.

Born in Paris to a French mother and a father from Martinique, Mino mainly taught himself, first on guitar and bass, then percussion and drums. Mino has released four albums under his own name, appeared on countless records as a sideman, and has composed several songs for film and television. His newest group has been playing clubs in New York City and is preparing to record its first album.