World Songs Duo

World Songs Duo





French-born Martiniquan multi-instrumentalist Mino Cinelu  invites French (Guadeloupean-born) multi-instrumentalist JC Maillard for a unique voyage ; on stage: ten fingers, two voices, two guitars, two percussionists.

Mino Cinelu

When he was a child, Mino Cinelu first  learned how to play the guitar, discovered the drums, percussion and became professional musician at the age of sixteen. Travelling between London and New York, he collaborated with a huge number of musicians, both in the studios and onstage, people whose origins (jazz, funk, rap, electro, flamenco and pop) were as diverse as Mino’s associations with them were prestigious (Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Lou Reed, Vicente Amigo, Claude Nougaro, etc…) As a composer, multi-instrumentalist, programmer and producer, Mino has left mark on many kind of music, and his reputation has earned him the status of  “a man of all talents”. He has 2 solo albums “Mino Cinelu” and “Quest journey” and the CD of the soundtrack of the film “La Californie”, Prize nominated, Cannes Film Festival. He is preparing his 4th album

Jean-Christophe (JC) Maillard

A guitarist, pianist, singer/songwriter, arranger, native of Pointe-à-Pître, has been acclaimed as a musician of extraordinary breadth and technical brilliance. His precocious professional carreer started at the age of 19,first touring and recording with Angélique Kidjo, soon to be followed by numerous other prestigious collaborations:  Michel Fugain, Toure Kunda , Louis Winsberg, Paco Sery, Richard Bona, Michel Jonasz, etc. Showing uncommon abilities in mixing pop music and various african styles in his playing, Maillard has released 2 solo albums : “Ka Suite”  and  “Grand Baton”.